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October 23, 2021

Broken key in the door lock: how to remove the chip yourself, ways to open the door

Many people wish they had high-security locks, but they rarely pay attention to checking them from time to time. As a consequence, they run the risk of not getting inside their own home. Locks have a limited lifespan and can deteriorate due to environmental conditions, sloppy or rushed opening or attempted break-ins.

If you have a broken key in your lock, you should keep in mind the tips below, and then you can fix the situation within 10-15 minutes.

Signs that the lock is malfunctioning

There are several signs that may indicate an impending breakdown. Here are the main ones:

  • A slow turn of the key, or a delayed turn - means that the inner mechanism of the secretary is warped or rusted;
  • Turning the key too quickly and easily means the key roll has worn out and needs to be replaced;
  • The key is difficult to insert - dirt or foreign objects have entered the keyhole;
  • A loose doorknob or secret locking tab - may cause the key to break due to uneven finger pressure distribution;
  • Loose key turning several times in a row - means that the teeth of the secretary have worn out or the return spring is loose.
  • When you discover at least one of the above signs while opening the door, you should immediately worry about installing a new secret or a complete replacement of the lock.

How do I get the key out of the door myself?

If the key in the door lock is broken, you should know what to do first. A broken key in the lock may seem like an emergency, and your first instinct is to call a locksmith. In fact, you can save some money and fix the problem yourself with a few simple tools.

Remember - you can't use your broken wrench again.

Many people think that even if their key is broken in the lock, the lock should still be opened by inserting the rest of the key. Don't do this. Trying to insert your key will push the broken part of the blade further into the lock.

How to get the broken part of the key out

Below, we've provided a few recommendations on how to get a broken key out of a lock for the most common types of designs:

If a key is broken in a lock with a knuckle type locking mechanism

If there is a part of the key that has come out of the cylinder or so-called "caster" of the lock, you may try to pull it out of the lock by hand or with the help of improvised means. If you lack effort in this case will help pliers or pliers, with which you can firmly grasp the chip of the key. Sometimes it is difficult to turn the key and remove the breakage. In this case, it is recommended to inject some spray mineral oil into the core and gently tap the fragment with a hard object. Then, using a thin metal object, resting on the edges of the core, the fragment can be removed.

In the original position, the fragment of the key can be removed from the core by using a powerful magnet or cyano-acrylate glue. It should be applied to the part of the key that was left outside the lock. Then connect the two halves and after a few seconds, remove the glued key as a whole.

If the key is broken in a cylinder lock

The protruding part of the key should be turned back to its original position and held in place with pliers. If part of the broken key does not go out of the keyhole, you can drill a small hole in the breakage and screw in a screw or self-drilling screw. Then, using pliers, you should try to open the door or remove the chip of the key from the lock.

If the key is broken and the door is in the open position, you can disassemble the secret mechanism of the lock and remove the jammed part of the key. You can also find a brass or copper pipe with such an inner diameter that the broken end of the key will fit tightly into it only when it is heated. After the tube cools, you can try to turn it and pull the key out of the keyhole with pliers or by bending the protruding part of the tube to a convenient angle. The key breakage in the lock is a very unpleasant thing. It is better to monitor the state of the mechanism and make its prevention in time than to use the above methods.

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