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October 23, 2021
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How do I open a door if the handle breaks?

The door handle belongs to the hardware, the operation of which implies an increased level of stress. It is used every time you open or close the door leaf, which often leads to breakage. But before describing how to open the front door, if the handle broke, it is necessary to figure out the causes of the malfunction.

Possible causes of breakage

There are three main types of handles installed on the door, each of which is characterized by its own most frequent causes of failure:

  • Handles on the bar. Used in locks with both deadbolt and latch on the front door. Most often, the malfunction is due to either unreliable attachment of the hardware to the leaf and the gradual loosening of the handle, or a malfunction of the locking device.
  • Handles on the rosette or separate. Typically used for sanitary or interior doors. The main cause of failure is a faulty lock or insufficient strength of the handle itself.
  • Handle-bolt, push-button. They are distinguished by a simple and reliable design. The breakage is usually connected with the purchase of a low-quality product and its subsequent mechanical damage.
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