How do I open a door if the handle breaks?
October 27, 2021
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September 10, 2022

How to get into the car if the keys are inside?

If you have managed to slam the door, and the car keys are left inside (in the ignition, on the seat, in the bag), the first reaction is shock. How to open the car without keys? A similar reaction is experienced by a person, whose door lock is broken or the battery is dead, and the anti-theft system doesn't respond to the electronic key signals.

It is necessary to go. So, we are looking for a way to open the car.

Algorithm of actions for an emergency car lockout

The easiest way to do this is to call an emergency car locksmith specialist to the car. Write down the number of the professional in your cell phone in the list of emergency services.

Independently open the door with a long wire. If you can enter it in a gap near the door, catch the door handle and pull it toward you, the door will open and the anti-theft lock will be unlocked. You need to act carefully and accurately.

Apply together with a wire a piece of cloth, which is desirable to put in places of contact of the wire with the body of the car. A cloth will protect the paintwork from damage.

If the central locking is blocked due to the dead battery, the headlight will be sacrificed to open the car. Remove the plastic cover, connect the tendrils of the broken headlight bulb to the terminals of another, charged battery. This voltage is enough to activate the central locking. Immediately after opening the car urgently replace the headlight bulb, especially if you drive at night. The safety on the road depends on your sensitivity.

They also open the door with a drill - to drill out the inside of the mechanical lock and open the car, and then put a new caster in the lock and hang another key on the sheaf. Of course, you can install locks for one key on all doors, it is a more practical solution, but also more expensive.

Trying to open the lock with an object other than a key will most often lead to the replacement of the master cylinder or the entire lock by the method described above.

A radical method of opening the car is to break the glass and open the door from the inside. This method is used if it is necessary to go urgently and there is no other way out. Do not try to use your fist for this purpose, you risk injuring your hand. It is better to break the window on the passenger side, ideally on the back door. If you are driving, for example, in winter, in bad weather, the wind from the near window will not please the driver.

Keep in mind, it will cost more to install a new window than to call specialists to professionally open the car.

The prevention of problems will be a duplicate of the keys, which will be stored at home, in the country house, with a person you trust, in a stash on the car. The most reliable way is just to put a spare key in a hidden pocket with a clasp and have it with you at all times.
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