Car ignition repair

The ignition lock is a reliable means of preventing the theft of your car. But there are situations when the ignition lock is blocked, which brings its owner a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

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Do you have a jammed ignition switch, have you lost your key, or has your vehicle been attempted to be stolen by damaging its integrity? And your car has a locked ignition switch? No problem! A 24-hour emergency door opening service is ready to come to your aid immediately. To do this, you just need to dial our phone number and leave a request for the service - unlocking ignition locks. Our experienced craftsmen will arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time. And all because we have equipped cars with all the necessary tools, which are ready to leave for you right now. At the same time it does not matter for us in which direction to go - our services cover the entire territory of Ukraine. Our working schedule will pleasantly surprise you: we are ready to work for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The prices for our services are very democratic and loyal. Are you still thinking and choosing a contractor? Trust us - you shouldn't. Our professionals will do everything at the highest level!

How to unlock the ignition switch - our craftsmen know

A broken or jammed ignition switch results in the blocking of the ignition of your car, without even leaving the possibility to evacuate it. Thus, the ignition lock is completely blocked and, as a consequence, the steering shaft is blocked. If the steering wheel and the lock are blocked, it is necessary to remove the ignition lock from your car. Our service will qualitatively perform this manipulation. After that you will be able to start your car with any object (screwdriver, key) and put it in a secured parking lot. Since a car without an ignition lock - a bait for thieves. Then our masters will make a qualitative repair of the ignition lock, as a rule, replacing its caster with a new one in order to prevent such cases. You can of course repair it, but then there is no guarantee for the way the ignition lock behaves in the future. The difference in the cost of repairing the old lock cylinder and buying a new one is almost insignificant. But your choice will greatly affect its anti-theft properties. After repairing the lock, it is installed back into the car. Please note, that our service is ready to unlock and unlock the car only if you have the documents of title of the vehicle and your ID card. So with us - always safe and secure! Nothing is impossible for us, we will qualitatively unlock the ignition lock of your car in the shortest possible time!


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