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For Panama City residents a car is one of the most important attributes of comfortable life. Loss of control over the vehicle is a tragedy. But if the car is not stolen but the locks are jammed, it is possible to solve all the problems in a short time. Emergency car unlocking is an affordable service provided on the spot by highly qualified auto locksmiths.

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Reasons for calling specialists to open the car:

  • Loss of the key;
  • Breakage of the key;
  • Breakage of the lock;
  • The presence of foreign elements in the lock;
  • Freezing of the lock;
  • Discharged battery (locks can not open the anti-theft system);
  • Malfunction in the software, you need to firm up the key.

Can I open a car myself?

There are cases in which a motorist can handle it on their own. This applies to frozen castles. A heating pad is applied to the door, special reagents are poured into the keyhole, locks are heated even with open fire. Many methods harm the paintwork (open fire), and some corrode the lock mechanism from the inside.

An attempt to open a car whose lock is jammed for another reason can lead to failure of the lock mechanism or even jamming of vital parts of the car by the anti-theft system.

The last scenario will lead to a tow truck call and costly maintenance at the service station. Without this, the functionality of the machine cannot be restored. Therefore, do not suffer - call professionals for emergency opening of the car!

How do professionals perform an emergency opening of a car?

Professionals will come to the call to the injured car in 15-30 minutes if the car is located in Panama City. Car opening work will be carried out after providing evidence of the right to own the car.

Car mechanics are equipped with special equipment that allows you to open the lock without damaging the locking mechanism, and diagnose cars with an anti-theft system, make adjustments to the software to restore control over the car.

Services are provided promptly. In most cases, the lock retains its functionality after opening, but sometimes locksmiths are forced to replace the car lock. In particular, this applies to situations where the lock is broken or the keys have disappeared.

Professionals will provide recommendations regarding the further operation of the lock and the prevention of malfunctions. Emergency opening of car locks in PCB is carried out around the clock. Contact us anytime - you won't be disappointed!


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