Key Extraction Service

Your key breaking off in your lock is something that you usually do not think about until it happens. When it does, there is usually an instant moment of panic, but there is no need to worry because Locksmith Express has the knowledge and experience to extract your key and make you a new one on the spot. We also offer affordable prices and are committed to providing quality service.


We can help if you have a key that has broken off in a lock to your home, car or business

We can also help if you have broken off a key in your safe or filing cabinet. We can repair many types of locks and duplicate keys for anything from large commercial systems to your jewelry box or luggage.

Why Do Keys Break?

The most common type of metal used for keys is brass. It is harder than other metals that could be used, but it is also flexible and able to bend a little bit without breaking. It is also soft enough to be easily cut when making new keys. Over time, it can become weak and break off inside of the lock. If your lock is stuck and you try to force it by hand, it is possible to break off a brass key inside of the lock with hand pressure alone.

Other materials used to make keys include plated brass, nickel silver, and steel. Many of the keys made for home or vehicle use are made from cheaper materials such as nickel, brass, or plated brass. Steel keys are usually reserved for high-security were commercial locks. Softer metals have the advantage of being more flexible, they will break after many uses.

What to Do If the Key Breaks in the Lock

Depending on the metal, the key might or might not give you a warning that it is about to break. It is normal for some keys to bend slightly when you try to turn them. If you think that it is bending a bit too much or it seems to be bending more than it used to, it is probably a good idea to call a locksmith and have a new key made before the inevitable happens.

Some metals will give you no warning before they break and will snap off crisply. If you put your key into the lock and the lock is jammed or will not turn, trying to force it by hand seldom solves the problem and usually only leads to a broken key in the lock. If your lock will not turn for any reason, it is best to call a locksmith right away rather than trying to force it and breaking the key off in the lock.

If your key breaks off in the lock, you should not try to remove it yourself. Trying to jam something into the lock in an attempt to dislodge the key can damage the locking mechanism. Also, this method seldom works because of the springs inside the locks that press the pins down. If you damage the lock mechanism, replacing the lock will be more expensive than if you had called a professional to get the key out in the first place.

Sometimes, the key is made from a harder metal than the lock itself, especially if the lock is an older or a cheaper model. Over the years, the key can rub away some of the metal on the inside of the lock and cause it to jam or not move freely. This can lead to the need to repair the lock in addition to extracting the key. If a key is broken off in your vehicle, and you have an electronic key fob, you will probably have to have the key fob to the new key reprogrammed, too.

The good news is that Locksmith Express will be happy to take care of all of this for you in a single visit most of the time. Our service team has many of the more common parts and locks in stock. We know that you need the job done quickly so that you can get back to the things you need to do, and we are here to help.


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