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Changing the locks on your home or business can involve changing the entire locking system or just rekeying them. Rekeying the locks is often the most affordable option, and in most circumstances, it will get the job done. If you need key duplication services once the lock is rekeyed, Locksmith Express can often do it in the same service call for most common locks.


Rekeying is realigning the springs and pins inside of the lock to match the new key

If you have a pin and tumbler lock, this is a quick process and will usually only take our professionals a few minutes to complete. A pin and tumbler lock is the most common type found on the front, back, and side doors. It requires a separate key for each lock. If you do not want to carry a separate key for each of your entrances, you can choose to have all of them rekeyed to fit one key.

A pin and tumbler lock can also be found on deadbolts and interior locking doorknobs. This type of lock is the most common, but there are similar types of locks, such as a cylinder lock, radial lock, or ace lock. These are one of the oldest types of locking systems and date back as far as ancient Egypt.

Today, they are made from durable materials and are still one of the most reliable ways to secure our buildings.

How Does Rekeying Work?

Tumbler locks consist of an outer steel casing that contains an inner plug. For the lock to open, the plug must rotate inside the lock. The cylinder also contains a series of vertical shafts that contain a spring, driver pin, and key pin.

The spring presses all of the pins down so that they all rest on a flat surface on the bottom of the plug when the lock is closed.

Each pin is a different length. For the lock to turn, the pins must line up with a line on the outer portion of the plug. When you insert the key, it pushes the driver pins and pins upward. If you insert the wrong key, all of the pins will not clear the top of the plug and you will not be able to turn the lock.

When the correct key is inserted, the key is the proper shape to push all of the pins up the shaft so that they clear the top of the cylinder. This allows the plug to rotate inside the outer cylinder which opens the lock. When the key is removed, the springs push pins down into the plug so that they once again rest on the flat surface and prevent the plug from turning inside the cylinder.

Rekeying involves disassembling the lock and replacing the pins so that they match the new key. You can also have the lock rekeyed so that it has additional pins in some of the vertical shafts that will allow the lock to be opened by either a single key or a master key. If you need key duplication or to have your locks rekeyed, the Locksmith Express professionals will be happy to serve your needs.


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