Lock Maintenanceand Repair

Whether you have a complex electronic security system or a simple pin and tumbler lock, keeping them maintained in good repair can help prevent the lock from suddenly breaking or the key from breaking off in the lock. Today’s locks have many moving parts that can eventually wear out. Having a locksmith perform regular maintenance can help you keep your locks working properly so that you can make sure your home or business is safe and secure.


Why Lock Maintenance Is Important

Many locks consist of a cylinder with a plug inside that must rotate for the lock to open and close. They also contain springs and pins inside a vertical shaft. All of these parts must be able to move freely and be free from damage for the lock to work properly. If you have an older lock that sticks frequently, it is more than likely that the springs are worn out or the components inside may have been worn away through use. Eventually, the lock will break and need to be replaced.

When you install a new lock, you have the opportunity to keep it maintained properly so that it will work for many years or decades. This is also an excellent time to upgrade the lock to one that is sturdier and built to modern standards. Having your new lock maintained and inspected on a regular basis will make it last longer and is the best way to make sure that it does not suddenly fail.

Why Do Locks Fail?

Most keys are made of soft metal, but sometimes, the metal is harder than that which is used on the interior plug or pins.

This means that over time, the metal inside the plug or on the ends of the pins may wear away which can cause the lock to stick or fail to open altogether. Each of the shafts inside the plug and cylinder contains a spring. The metal can deteriorate, and this can cause the pins to be unable to clear the space needed to allow the lock to turn.

If the springs deteriorate, they also might not push the pins into the plug securely, which can create a scenario where the lock can be broken into and compromised easily. This is especially true if the lock is a cheaper variety that is commonly found at a home improvement store. While cheaper locks are adequate for many purposes, they wear out more quickly, and they may not provide the same security as a higher-quality lock and key system.

Locksmith Express will be happy to provide regular maintenance, repair, or installation of a new lock on your home or business. We are experts and will help you keep your security system in proper working order and help it last for a long time. We take security seriously, and we will do everything we can to make sure that your locking system gives you many years of security and hassle-free operation.


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